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Skipping Rocks - Skipping Stones

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Skipping Rocks - Skipping Stones
100% Guaranteed Professional Skipping Stones (Rocks)*
Have you ever noticed how when you go to the lake you can never find a perfect skipping stone? Mother nature is cruel to all of us searching for that perfect skipping rock by that glassy water surface of a lake. The real skipping rocks are located near rivers and streams and the ocean where rapids and waves create the perfect shape for skipping, flat and smooth. Throw these rocks into the river or ocean and you can hardly get a couple skips from your perfect rocks because of the rapids and swift water waves carrying them away. Take these perfect skipping stones to a glassy lake and show your friends and family amazing jumps and skips these rocks will achieve.

Product: Skipping Rocks - Skipping Stones
Amount: 10-12 Professional Skipping Rocks (Assorted sizes and colors)
Size: 1- 3 inch rocks
Bag: Comes with a convenient and reusable carrying bag.
Double your pleasure: Double your skipping stones and save 25%!

* Guaranteed to skip or return them all for your full money back. Use these stones responsibly. By buying this product you assume all responsibility for harm it may cause to others and things.

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