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Dried Pods

Dried Pods
Our Dried Pods are a great way to add texture and dimension to any project or decor by using natural dried products. Dried Pods can make wonderful focal points in any arrangement in your home, office, or even travel trailer. These items are dried and preserved so they will last you for years to come! Many of our pods can come stemmed so that you can add them to a bouquet or arrangement, or un-stemmed to use in decorative bowls, jars or wreaths. Our pods are different and unique, so no matter where you decide to use them, they will be a hit! Our Dried Pods can be used in many different ways and for many different events. Try adding our Mini Lotus Pods to a Christmas or Autumn flower arrangement, wreath or garland or add them to the boutonnieres in your wedding party. Order our Cotton Bolls and fill a jar to use in a powder room on the counter top, on the end of a bookshelf or on the desk in your office.
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Dried Mini Lotus Pods

Dried Mini Lotus Pods A native of Vietnam, the lotus flower is beautiful in its white to hot pink ..

$16.99 $8.99

Wood Palm Roses - Wood Flower Bunch

Dried Wood Palm Roses Beautiful Wood Palm roses are an amazing product. They are a product made wit..

$18.99 $5.99

Sponge Mushroom Picked

Natural Sponge Mushrooms Our melange of sponge mushrooms make exotic decorating a snap. Each mushr..

$16.99 $9.99

Pine Cones & Dried Pods

Pine Cones and Dried Pods This all natural assorted box of Pine cones, dried pods and gourds makes ..

$65.99 $49.99

Multiple Lotus Pod on Stem - 3 high

Lotus Pods stemmed 3 high Dried lotus pods are amazing. They look great and add such a great depth ..

$13.99 $4.99

Mahogany Pods

Dried Mahogany Pods A bunch of these ornamental Mahogany pods will add a touch of exotic flair to ..

$19.99 $11.99

Dried Velvet pods

Dried Velvet Pods Velvet pods are fascinating and beautiful. They are just the right size to use i..

$11.99 $3.99

Dried Trumpet Pod - Jeauitiba

Dried Trumpet Pod / Jeauitiba pod Dried trumpet pods (jeauitiba pods) are great pods to use in flor..

$12.99 $6.99

Dried Thistle Heads

Dried Thistle Heads We at Curious Country Creations are happy to be able to offer dried thistle he..

$12.99 $3.99

Dried Monkey Pods on Stem

Dried Monkey Pod Dried Monkey Pods are a fascinating pod attached to a stem and ready to use in yo..

$14.99 $7.99

Dried Lotus Pods Heads Case

Dried Lotus Pod Heads Dried Lotus Pods are beautiful pods that you can use in any arrangement, or ..

$89.99 $59.99

Dried Jack Sticks - Rajni Sticks

Dried Decorative Jack Sticks Decorative Jack sticks are unique and great additives to arrangements..

$12.99 $3.99

Dried Jack Fruit Pod / Dried Banana Pod

Dried Jack Fruit Pod / Dried Banana Pod These Jack Fruit Pods or Banana Pods are beautiful and coul..

$12.99 $3.99

Dried Chico Choke Pod Stemmed

Chico Choke Pods on stems Chico Choke Pods are beautiful pods that you can use in any arrangement. ..

$22.99 $17.99