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Dried Floral Supplies

Dried Floral Supplies
We have a wide variety of Floral Supplies that will work for many different projects that you may be working on. Our Floral Supplies are high quality and will last and look wonderful in any decoration or arrangement. Our Natural Raffia is a great way to wrap up your gifts (or even around your Christmas tree) this holiday season, use to tie off your floral arrangements, for wheat bunches, corn stalks or country themed decorations. Organza Bags or Satchel Bags are small high quality bags that are perfect for holding Lavender Buds, Rose Petals, or any other small items. The material is breathable and will therefore let the aroma of the Lavender escape. Our Natural Jute Cloth is a natural product that is biodegradable, but strong, and can be used for many different purposes - you can even use it to wrap around as a Christmas tree skirt for rustic themed holiday decor.
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Natural Raffia for sale - Small Bag

Natural Raffia BunchesSuperb natural raffia hanks are raffia in its most natural state, our raffia i..

$15.99 $5.99

Real Craft Straw - Nativity Straw

Real Craft Straw - Nativity Straw Good clean craft straw is hard to come by so we are happy to prov..

$12.99 $4.99

Natural Wood Excelsior for Decorations

Natural Wood Excelsior for sale Our natural decorative excelsior is a must have for your craft proj..

$20.99 $6.99

Natural Decorative Tassels

Natural Decorative Tassels Decorative Natural Tassels for decorations and for use in tying around ..

$10.99 $3.99

Long Cinnamon Stick Bundle 8-16 inches Long

Long Cinnamon Stick Bundle Try some of our wonderful cinnamon sticks in an arrangement today. They ..

$18.99 $11.99

Jute Cloth (Burlap Cloth)

Natural Jute Cloth - 5 yards Jute cloth (Burlap) is a natural product manufactured from the fibers ..

$26.99 $17.99

Dried Moss Ribbon - Natural Moss Roll

Natural Moss Ribbon - Moss Roll Natural Moss Ribbon can make wrapping anything with green easy. It..

$12.99 $6.99

Dried Mixed Floral Supply Box (Great Sample Box)

Dried Mixed Floral Supply Box This is our answer to people that want to try a little of everything..

$46.99 $29.99

Dried Latta Flowers

Dried Latta Flowers Dried Latta Flowers are made from the great latta vine.  It is smooth and bend..

$11.99 $3.99

Dried Latta Circles - Spirials

Dried Latta Circles Dried Latta Circles are made from the great latta vine.  It is smooth and bend..

$12.99 $3.99

Dried Cane Coil - Natural

Dried Cane Coil Cane coil are a great palm branch that has been curled at one end to make a perfec..

$12.99 $3.99

Dried Braided Palm Snakes

Dried Braided Palm SnakesDried palm snakes are made from palm leaves, that are cut into strips and w..

$11.99 $3.99

Dried Birch Bark Sheets - Cured & Natural

Cured White Birch Bark Sheets Natural Birch Bark Sheets are perfect for using for you natural craf..

$199.99 $129.99

Dried Babys Breath Garland - 6 Feet Long

Dried Babys Breath Garland Babys Breath is a staple in the floral industry and there is a reason w..

$98.99 $59.99