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Dried Sweet Annie Flower Bunch

-25% Out of Stock Dried Sweet Annie Flower Bunch

Dried Sweet Annie Flower Bunch
Late blooming Sweet Annie is often considered the 'tomboy' of everlasting flowers. Sweet Annie grows at a normal rate in a garden until late summer, and then they suddenly shoot up to six feet tall or more!  At this point Sweet Annie seems more of a forgotten, fast growing weed until walking by and smelling the sweet fragrance that is Sweet Annie's alone. Sweet Annie is an annual herb.  This herb is a native of Africa, Iran and Europe. Sweet Annie has always been a popular choice for crafters. Not only is Sweet Annie versatile in its applications, but it also has a pleasant and lingering fragrance, even when dried.  Sweet Annie is also known by a lot of other names including Artemesia Annie, Annua, Sweet Wormwood, Sweet Sagewort or Annual Wormwood. The Sweet Annie plant has fern like leaves and bright yellow flowers. The scent is somewhat like camphor. The Sweet Annie plant has a single stem with alternating branches and alternating leaves. Fresh Sweet Annie is often used for food, and is considered a delicacy.  It is typically more expensive to buy than meat!

Product: Sweet Annie Flower Bunch
Amount: 4 oz Sweet Annie bundle
Length: 22-25 inch long stem
Case Option: Buy a full case of 20 Sweet Annie bunches and Save Even More!

Other Info: Long lasting Fragrance (Looks beautiful for years. Fragrance can last up to a year.)
Great for centerpieces and arrangements
Simply elegant

Also called: sesame bloom, preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers, sweet RNAS, sweet RNAH, sweet RNAF, sweet artemisia, preserved sweet annie

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